Seasonal Patterns for Lake Erie Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Perch

April Walleye

Great month for the experienced jig fisherman. Most of the fishing takes place on and around the reef areas, along the western shoreline. The most popular baits among anglers are the purple hair Jigs fished in 4 to 15 feet of water.  Check out our April Fishing Special!

May Walleye

Post spawn walleye are very abundant in the western basin. Nice 22" – 26" walleyes are very common. Overall, May is a good month for bigger fish. Bottom bouncers with a 3-4 foot leader, containing 2 hooks, gold blade, and gold beads produce the best. Also casting a 30" casting harness can be equally productive. At Lakeland Charters we almost exclusively drift fish.

June Walleye

June is a good consistent month for walleye fishing. The water is warming up and the fish are becoming more aggressive. This is a good time of year for the inexperienced angler. Walleyes tend to be easier to catch, limits are common, size of fish average 18" to 25", and the weather is nice. The most productive presentation this time of year is drift fishing, casting a worm harness tipped with a night crawler.

July Walleye

No doubt the best month for catching a limit catch of walleye in the western basin of Lake Erie. The Ohio Division of Natural Resources has proven that the catch rate per angler is best during this month. July walleye fishing is Lake Erie's best-kept secret. Don't let the warm weather fool you, book your July walleye trip today.

August Walleye

The water temperature plays a big factor on how active the walleye bite in August. Generally, good walleye catches continue to be brought in through the first 15 days. After that, "the water tends to be too warm", and walleyes become very difficult to catch. They go deep and hug the bottom becoming very lethargic. This is a good month for Walleye/Perch trip combinations!!


September 1st – November 1st Walleye

This time of year we are usually fishing in Canadian water. Combination trips make for great fishing trips this time of year: Walleye/Smallmouth Bass or Walleye/Perch combinations. Smallmouth Bass/Perch fishing can also make for a stellar fishing trip in Canadian waters. Walleye fishing this time of year can be day-to-day, but good catches are brought in. Talking with your Captain ahead of time is an excellent choice to figure out what the best combination for production will be during this time of year.

Yellow Perch

August, September, October Perch

It's not uncommon for 6 anglers to catch a limit of 30 perch per person in 3 ½ to 4 hours which is ideal for combination fishing trips during this time of year. Lakeland Charters also offers a 6-hour perch trip, and fishing for Perch makes for a great family trip. Prime time for perch is during the months of August through October. August is ideal for Perch/Walleye combination trips; while September is a great time for Perch/Smallmouth Bass or Perch/Walleye combination trips. October is again and excellent time for Perch/Walleye combinations. Yellow Perch combination trips are often spent in Canadian waters where schools of nice size jumbo Yellow Perch are common. The last several years of been producing excellent combo. days.

Smallmouth Bass

September and early October Bass:

Always the most productive months for thrilling smallmouth bass action. Written in the In-Fisherman Magazine, Lake Erie is considered one of the top 10 bass spots in the country. Live bait rigs with a soft craw are the most productive methods.

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